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Our Story


Sue & Pat Scheper started Apple Plumbing in March 1994 with the intent of providing quality and professional plumbing services to home owners, local businesses, and general contractors.

Apple Plumbing strives to be a full service plumbing company. We are experts in the trade and in all phases of the plumbing system.  Whether pumping water out of a well, repairing a dripping faucet, or installing green plumbing products in a home, we never lose site of our mission.

When Apple Plumbing first started, Pat ran the business by himself while Sue helped the family finances by teaching kindergarten in our parish school. As the business grew, Pat found it almost impossible to continue with the philosophy his Dad taught him without help.

So in 2003 Sue left her beloved classroom to become an integral and indispensable partner in providing quality to our customers. When you call us, Sue, the owner, answers the phone. She brings to our customers an enthusiasm, understanding and desire to serve that Pat only dreamed of providing.

In 2009, Pat and Sue proudly welcomed their son Ben to the team to ensure Apple Plumbing will remain a family business heading into the future.

We are proud of our trade and we love what we do!!