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Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Systems

Apple Plumbing specializes in making sure that your home has a consistent supply of clean, clear, and crisp water.  Our broad line of water treatment equipment can treat any problem. From hard city water with too much chlorine to acidic well water that corrodes your pipes to bacteria that makes your water unsafe to drink, we have the experience and equipment to make sure that when you turn on your faucets nothing but clean, clear, and crisp water comes out.

For more information about water treatment systems, check out the most common systems listed below:

Whole House Filters – for sediment and particles in water
PH Neutralizers – for acid that causes staining and pinhole leaks
Water Softeners – for hard water and white residues
UV Water Purification System – for bacteria
Reverse Osmosis – for near bottled water quality for taste, odor, and organic material

Not sure which system you need? Schedule your FREE Water Quality Testing & Water Treatment Assessment Today! Call us at 410-840-8118 or use the scheduling form on this page.

The assessment includes:

  • Water Quality Test for  acid, hardness, nitrates, chlorine & iron
  • Equipment recommendations, sizing, and location
  • Well pump and tank inspection